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Osbech – Faux Suede Dad Cap – Beige


Product description

The Suede Evolution 

Suede has been in use ever since mankind began to migrate from the warm regions of Earth to the cold, northern areas of our planet. Our forefathers quickly discovered the benefits of animal skin and over time those benefits evolved to include fashionable traits. Suede is a beautiful evolution derived from leather and for many years it was the equivalent of luxury. The name originates from the French “Suéde” that translates into “Sweden”. Something that fits perfectly with our Scandinavian heritage. 

The Dad of Comebacks Celebrities such as Wiz Khalifa and Big Sean are fan favorites of the esteemed dad cap and the fashion movement is a testimony to this urban street style. With our Faux Suede Caps, we take our caps to the next level by diving into territory that few in the Scandinavian fashion industry dabbles in. A perfect match for any given urban outfit. Available in black and beige. 



90% polyester & 10 % Spandex

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